December 31, 2010

so so so. 
i havent been able to force myself to deal with paper these days, however, i always have an itching need to keep my hands busy. 
so, ive been knitting like a fiend.
went through about 6 or 7 hats, learned how to knit cables, and now im working on a blanket map of the united states. 
slowly knitting my way through alaska, texas and florida currently.
if all goes as planned and i dont screw up majorly, itll look like this.
itll be yet another mish mash of color to clash with in my tiny little apartment -
which by the way is slowly turning into a lace/animal print/rainbow pattern/faux fur nightmare.

December 26, 2010

sooooooooo. long time no see internet.
i am alive, doing things, some of which fall into the arty world.
started up a series of cheesy US landmarks.
heres a little look see, brought to you by my lovely new scanner.

maybe ill post something sometime soon and not let another year go by....