January 30, 2009

some more sketches. final line art for my snowboard cactus flowers.

January 21, 2009

January 11, 2009

so ive spent today working on coatlicue.
ive redesigned huitzilopochtli - the full grown man baby popping out of her stomach. yum.
i think hes more engaged. hell be holding coyolxauhqui's decapitated head in his empty hand. yet again, yum.

ive started a sketchloader. 
im thinking its a new deviantart? just with less 12 year olds.

who knows.

January 9, 2009

well ive been working quite a bit on artistic things.
several things to keep me busy over the break, and keep me from getting all rusty.
im even trying to maintain a "one doodle in the sketchbook" a day thing.
ive always hated sketchbooks, and pre planning.
but im trying.

so ive made some headway on coatlicue. its about 50 percent. 
and its going much faster than the first piece, and i think i am much more pleased with the outcome. its more crisp. it makes me happy.

my amy winehouse portrait. im still working on the hair stitching, but otherwise, shes finished.
i like the pin -- my little homage to michael k and dlisted. i think ill send it to him.

im also working on some personal things to keep in practice. 
greg suggested yoshi's story, for its patchworky needlepointy backgrounds.
and well yoshis cute. i havent yet started the clouds, but its going.
overall, im trying to produce to make things easier for next semester. 
i have the feeling im going to want to die.

oh and ps. ignore my poor photo skills. im not meant to capture art on digital media.