December 26, 2008

little by little, my degree project is developing into just an excuse to insert as many breasts as possible into my final moments at massart. ive been working on my next degree piece for coatlicue.
she just so happens to have massive saggy breasts. 400+ children will do that to you.
im having fun. i enjoy cutting out microscopic pieces of paper and arranging them.

in other news, that benjamin button movie is creepy as all hell. and im looking forward to the day where i no longer have to listen to christmas music at h&m or in the car.

December 21, 2008

i want to live in a pottery barn magazine. or this photo, whichever.
im struggling to finish/start my final paper for tuesday.
thus far, my attempts to pay  people to do it for me have proved useless.

December 17, 2008

why are my reviews in the afternoon------
not cool.
im bringing my 7 year old assistant to reviews because
massart refuses to be consistent. 

and as usual ill be working up until the last minute.
then driving home in a blizzard. sweet deal.
maybe massart will be closed? 

December 7, 2008

according the the pop euphoria show catalog, i am a recent graduate
of massart. 
funny. i dont recall graduating.
does this mean i dont have to go to class anymore?

anyhow, it was super cool. note to self: family is not to be invited 
next time.

December 4, 2008

so i really just needed to do something fun
and mindless.
so for my papermaking portfolio/field journal thing
i stitched a cover. 
just some random stitches on that silly giant plastic
cross stitch mesh, with yarn.

December 3, 2008


busy busy busy, trying to finish everything for the end of semester.
my mola is still not done. ughhhhhh. im trying not to rush, but im really at
the point where im sick of it --- and at that point, i normally hurry to get it over with.

so ive been switching over to my papermaking final. 
i spent all day yesterday just stitching a cover for my portfolio and sewing 
signatures for my sketchbook. mmmmm. i love mindless, fun projects.

and illustration iv is annoying the hell out of me.
i dont want to do my portrait. and class critiques always make me
want to murder a certain watercolorist in her sleep.

almost done!

and the art show is on saturday!!