November 25, 2008

sometimes i like to draw.

i need to just draw,  more often.
patsy cline has been playing on repeat
all day today. im into sad, broken hearted songs.
so, back in the day when i was forced to paint.....
lets just say i wasnt amazing.
this little diddie i worked on for like 2 weeks and its like 5x9
so, apparently if i work super small and for forever, things come out
moral of the story: i was destined to work small. 
and take forever.
ps. ignore the crappy image.

November 22, 2008

stress is just rolling off my shoulders.
4 projects to go, and 1st semester is gonnnnne.
thank goodness.
ive got plans for break, that im going to stick to this time!

the pop euphoria show is all set.
bubble wrapped and sitting ready for the show on the 

mola making my ass off. but its slow.
maybe photos sometime?

November 18, 2008

 im feeling like a round peg stuck in a square hole world.

but round pegs are waay better.

ps im doing a crackhead amy winehouse portrait
for my rolling stone cover.

November 17, 2008


im very pleased with how it came out, and its by far my 
most successful piece this semester.

im considering getting it tattooed on the inside of my eyelids
just so i care stare at its beauty even when i sleep.

November 14, 2008

i was looking at some things i did last semester.
for illustration iii we spent the semester doing illustrations for shakespeare plays.
i ended up doing all of my pieces in this weird photoshop/scanned collage technique.
they look very strange compared with the stuff ive recently been doing.

i pretty much would make little things with paper, or needlepoint
then scan in textures and assemble them all in photoshop.
it was interesting, although im not sure they were entirely successful.
for the most part they look too "photoshop-ey" to me

romeo and juliet

with my first attempt at scratchboard.

king lear.

macbeth. (my favorite of the lot.)

and julius caesar.
so. im about 75% done with my detour piece, and im quite 
pleased with it. so much so that i know at the last minute im
going to spill something obnoxious on it, like grape soda, and ruin it. 

i finally scanned my test piece for degree project.
i was sick of looking at it, so i never quite finished it.
it took about a month of on and off work.

November 7, 2008

so. things are moving along. 
im working on like 18 things at once -
degree project, the detour cover, my research
topic for civil war and recon, as well as finishing
up 2 pieces for the Pop Euphoria Show
at Modus Lotus in Dec.
-ps. come! and buy my art, and make it worthwhile

this is a sketch for itzapapalotl, although i changed her
at the last minute so i guess its not really relevant anymore.
but oh well, i thought she was cute.

yayyyy detour is coming to an end.
although im no where near finished. 
i spent 5 hours at massart today doing 1 tree.

the final for my facebook icon. i chopped a little off
the picket fence, and added some colored pencil.

November 6, 2008

so ive finally gotten started on my first degree
project piece. 
im doing a mola for the aztec deity itzapapalotl.
i guess i had forgotten how annoying molas are.
all the sharp points are kicking my butt.
oh well.

im also working on my detour cover.
right now im in the process of attaching the
trees to the surface.
sewing through watercolor paper was not
one of my best ideas.

oh well. fingers crossed i can get it done by the 18th.

November 1, 2008


my global warming piece is sitting on my
floor half done.

do it for me.

instead id rather make cut paper
architectural drawings.
measurements and straight lines make
me happy.