October 6, 2009

so its been awhile.
but i am doing things, i promise.
ive been busy working on my quilt - sewing thousands of little squares together.

i now have 47 large squares of 16 little squares finished.
although, im not posting any pictures, because honestly, they are all pretty much the same.

tomorrow, im starting on the next 47, with a new combination of fabrics. so thatll mean
more cutting out squares then piecing them together. yay. ugh.

butt (typo, but it made me giggle like a 7 year old, so it stays), i did over calculate how many i need, so i will probably whip out some matching pillow shams and another mini wall sized quilt. 

in other news, i have not picked up a pencil in probably 3 months. i need to start my doodling exercises again. oh well. someday.