September 15, 2009

the first square in my quilt. only like 6400r080834083082 more pieces to cut.

September 8, 2009

i have taken on quite a project.

in nm, i bought scores of sweet glittery skull and japanesey fabrics -
im in the process of cutting roughly 2000 squares to make my first ever quilt.
itll be crazy patterns, vomitting embroidery, glitter and skulls. 
im pretty siked. 

im hoping to be done by xmas.
fingers crossed.

September 3, 2009

featured in VELLUM ONLINE's
new show "stitched impression"

super pleased.

so i came back from a visit to new mexico, and was pleasantly 
surprised to find everything was skull related, glittahed and sequined.
my next project involves bedazzling the hell out of an 
animal skull. 

once i can manage to get rid of the nasty bugs living
inside it.